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Private Pay Therapy Sessions

Many of my clients prefer to pay for therapy services without the control and involvement of an insurance company.  If you prefer to pay for services privately, this allows you to retain more control over your healthcare and also maintains a higher degree of privacy. Should you choose to pay privately, your insurance company will not be privy to your healthcare information, will not have a say in your treatment plan, and any relevant diagnoses will not become a part of your permanent healthcare record.  Your treatment plan will be created by you and I alone, without the influence of managed care. If you wish to pay for our therapy sessions privately, costs may be offset through the use of HSA plans, which allow you to set aside money from your paychecks pre-tax for healthcare services. Inquire about this with your employer. I also offer a discount to service members. Private pay rates for services are as follows:

  • Initial Therapy Intake Session: $130
  • 45-50 minute Individual Psychotherapy Session: $110
  • 55-60 minute Individual Psychotherapy Session: $130
  • Phone and Video conferencing sessions are billed at the same rates as in office sessions. 

Some of my clients wish to have their insurance billed for therapy services. This can be done, depending upon your insurance carrier and policy benefits. If I am not an in network provider with your insurance company, I would be happy to provide you with a superbill, a receipt that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please note that it is your responsibility to research your benefits before initiating therapy to determine the nature and extent of your coverage. Your insurance plan is a contract between you and your insurance provider, and I am not party to that. Generally, it is best to contact your insurance company before meeting with me to confirm your benefits and to ask specific questions about your coverage. Please contact me to determine whether I am an in network provider for your specific insurance company. 

Payment Methods Accepted
I accept all traditional methods of payment, including all major credit cards, checks, HSA accounts, and cash.