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Who I Am and What I Do

I absolutely love my work, and I feel incredibly honored to be able to walk alongside you as you become empowered to make meaningful change. If there is a common thread in my work,it is the value I place upon the therapeutic relationship, our relationship as we work together. I view therapy as a collaboration, and in my experience, the most meaningful change occurs within that context. You alone are the expert on you. My role is to support you, to hear your story and to offer the expertise and support to help you gain the insight and skills you need to reach your goals. For that reason, the first few sessions in my office will generally center around us getting to know each other and beginning to build trust.

Although I practice as a generalist, I have a special interest and additional training in several areas, including trauma/PTSD, attachment and relational trauma and relationship dysfunction. I am EMDR and TF-CBT trained, DBT informed, and I have received extensive advanced training in those areas. I enjoy working with people from a diversity of backgrounds and belief systems.

I graduated from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in 2009 with a Master's of Science in Social Work, and I am independently licensed by the states of Tennessee, Massachusetts and Iowa as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. 

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