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2171 Judicial Drive Ste 101

Germantown, TN 38138

Phone: (901) 305-9565



First let’s acknowledge a truth. Taking the first steps toward seeking help can be scary. In my time as a therapist, I have learned to appreciate the courage required to pick up the phone, to ask for help and to ultimately walk into that therapy office for the first time. So if you find yourself here, considering therapy, congratulations on taking that first step. That courage to feel vulnerable is a huge part of what can help to bring about change and growth, and it’s a very real part of the battle.

Now let’s talk about how I can help you. In a nutshell, I work with survivors--survivors of physical and sexual abuse; survivors of psychologically damaging relationships; survivors of traumatic events. Survivors of life. Because life is messy, and life is hard. And because some days, simply getting out of bed in the morning is a hard fought victory. I get it. I have years of experience in treating trauma, and I am trained and well-seasoned in TF-CBT, EMDR and DBT. Trauma is not always recognized for what it is, even by professionals. It's often mistaken for depression, anxiety and even chronic physical health ailments. I can help you better understand the nature of trauma and help you to resolve some of the shame you might be experiencing as a result of your confusing emotions and behaviors. You are not as broken as you believe yourself to be, and you can carve out a life for yourself that is worth living and worth celebrating.

I have a special interest in working with good humans who have found themselves caught in bad, psychologically abusive relationships and with others who have experienced multiple, or chronic, early childhood trauma. I have advanced training in both Attachment Focused EMDR and EMDR with symptoms of complex PTSD and dissociation. AF-EMDR is a treatment that focuses specifically on resolving trauma experienced in early parental or caregiver relationships. Dissociation is a phenomenon frequently experienced by survivors of trauma and is especially prominent for survivors of early childhood and chronic trauma.

Have you ever wondered why you seem to be drawn like a magnet into the same unhealthy relationships over and over? Do you find yourself living in constant fear of abandonment, despite there being no clear, imminent threat? Are you suffering through yet another break-up with yet another partner, and you are beginning to lose hope that you will ever find a stable, healthy and loving relationship? If so, it's possible that these issues are rooted in your earliest experiences. I would love to help you to sort through the noise, clutter and confusion and arrive at a point of clarity and health in your relationships with others and with yourself.

I welcome diversity in background, age, race, ethnicity, spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, taste in music, handedness, preference in ice cream flavors and basically anything else that makes you the unique human that you are. I do not believe that therapy is a one size fits all experience, and I tailor my approach to your needs accordingly. How we approach therapy is a collaborative decision between you and me. When you step into my office, my immediate goal is to provide a safe, warm and accepting environment in which you can fully express yourself without fear of judgment. Sessions with me tend to involve an element of humor and irreverence, because, well, laughing feels good. And feeling good.....feels good. And if we can find some humor on the path to change, then all the better, right?

My office is located in the heart of Germantown, conveniently located near Saddlecreek shopping center. All services are confidential. Please explore my website and acquaint yourself with the services I provide. If you decide that you are interested in discussing therapy services with me further, please feel free to reach out!

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